Peptide Synthesis

The peptide synthesis group has many years of experience in the production of  peptides. Within the Charité an supply and accounting are uncomplicated. 

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  • peptide synthesis (also longer peptides)
  • fluorescence labelled peptides
  • phosphorylated peptides
  • coupling of carrier proteins to peptides
  • acylation of peptides
  • coupling of unnatural amino acids
  • Cyclisation
  • Generation of disulphide bonds

All synthesized peptides are purified. The purity will be monitored using analytical HPLC and MALDI mass spectrometry.



Peptide synthesizer:  

  • 433A Peptide Synthesizer (Applied Biosystems)
  • Syro Multiple Peptide Synthesizer (MultiSynTech)
  • Liberty blue Microwave Synthesizer (CEM)



  • Preparative und analytical HPLC (Shimadzu)
  • MALDI mass analyser (Bruker Microflex)
  • lyophilisation


Contact / Group Leader

Dr. rer. nat. Petra Henklein

ScientistCharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin

Postal address:Charitéplatz 110117 Berlin

Campus / internal address:Virchowweg 6

CCM, Virchowweg 6

Group Member

P. Kunert

Techn. Assistant