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Danker Lab: Cell Adhesion mediated Signal Transduction

We are interested in the molecular pathogenesis of hyperproliferative and inflammatory diseases. Here, our main focus is on the characterization of signaling pathways  modulated by adhesion molecules under physiological and inflammatory conditions at the blood-brain barrier, in the skin and at the oral mucosa.
Furthermore, we are involved in the development of anti-inflammatory compounds and in the design of nano-sized carrier systems to establish effective anti-inflammatory drug-carrier systems that selectively target inflamed barriers and release compounds with enhanced bioavailability.

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Research Focus

  • Development of inflammatory 2D- and 3D models of the skin, the oral mucosa and of the blood-brain barrier
  • Role of tight junctions at the blood brain barrier and the oral mucosa under healthy and inflamed conditions
  • Characterization of glycosidated phospholipids as a novel approach for the treatment of psoriasis, periodontitis and breast cancer
  • Development of nanocarrier-based drug-carrier systems for the topical treatment of inflammatory disorders of the oral mucosa


Students of the subjects medicine, dentistry, molecular medicine, biology and biochemistry are invited to apply for a course-related internships or Bachelor/Master's/MD/PhD thesis projects.


PD Dr. Kerstin Danker

+49 30 450 528 645