Team of the Laboratory Cell Adhesion mediated Signal Transduction

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Principal Investigator

PD Dr. rer. nat. Kerstin Danker

Group Leader

CCM: Campus Charité Mitte


Lothar Lucka
PD Dr. rer. nat. Lothar Lucka

Scientist, Research Agent, Practical Course Coordinator

PhD Students

Juliane Jager

Dental Doctoral Student

Jonas Parczyk

Medical Doctoral Student

Carsten Pelz

Medical Doctoral Student

Manuel Reindl

Dental Doctoral Student

Jerome Ruhnau

Medical Doctoral Student

Kim-Natalie Stolte

Dental Doctoral Student

M.Sc. Maren Witt

PhD Student - associated Department of Periodontology and Synoptic Dentistry

Technical Assistants

Gudrun Mrawietz

Technical Assistant


  • Dr. rer. nat. Josephine Labus
  • Dr. rer. nat. Annette Hildmann
  • Dr. rer. nat. Geo Semini
  • Sebastian Stricker
  • Sonja Häckel