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Kloetzel Lab: Proteolytic Systems

Being part of the anti-viral and anti-tumor immune response the ubiquitin-proteasome system plays a central role in the generation of epitopes or their precursor peptides, the latter requiring trimming by the aminopeptidases ERAP1/2. These peptides bind to MHC class I molecules and are transported to the cell surface where they are presented for recognition by cytotoxic T-lymphocytes. In addition to the classical epitopes proteasomes also generate spliced epitopes which are the results of the ligation of two proteasomal cleavage products.

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Main focus of the ongoing research is the analysis of the processing of tumor-specific epitopes which are the result of a somatic mutation as well as the investigation of the aminopeptidase ERAP1 in the context of tumor therapy by adoptive T-cell transfer.


Daniela Höcke
Secretary Prof. Kloetzel,
Research Organisation

t: +49 30 450 528 142
f: +49 30 450 528 921

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peter-Michael Kloetzel

Management Laboratory Proteolytic SystemsCharité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Postal address:Charitéplatz 110117 Berlin

Campus / internal address:Virchowweg 6

CCM, Virchowweg 6