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Vabulas Lab: Systems Biochemistry

Large biomolecules and small metabolites interact to ensure cellular reorganization to adapt to the changing developmental and environmental cues. The cellular adaptation takes place at different scales, at the levels of individual molecules, multimolecular complexes, organelles and finally the entire cell. Our research aims at understanding how nutrition and metabolism influence this reorganization and what is the contribution of the quality control in charge of proteins, lipids and RNA. We seek to discover molecular determinants allowing to predict and modify the dynamics of biochemical networks in human cells, especially during aging and tumorigenesis.

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Fields of interest

  • Protein quality control machinery
  • Coaggregation of proteins and RNA
  • Biogenesis and cellular stability of flavoproteins


Students of the subjects medicine, molecular medicine, biology and biochemistry are invited to apply for a course-related internships or Bachelor/Master's/MD/PhD thesis projects.


Prof. Dr. R. Martin Vabulas

49 30 450 528 176